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Members of Jury 審判團成員 – 2016 EAST ASIA TRIBUNAL ON EVICTIONS | 東亞迫遷法庭

Members of Jury 審判團成員

6 月 23, 2016 - 反迫遷連線

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Members of Jury 審判團成員


Cesare Ottolini 凱撒‧歐特里尼

▌Cesare Ottolini was born in 1956 in Padua (Italy). Having graduated, magna cum laude, at the University of Padua with a degree in Political Science, Cesare presented a dissertation on “Fair Rent Norms and Social Conflicts”. He was the national president and the national secretary of Unione Inquilini, the most significant and widespread tenants union in Italy, and the world coordinator of Habitat International Coalition. He actively supports campaigns against evictions, displacements and violations of housing rights (the Zero Evictions Campaign) in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Latin and North America. As a member of the (former) Advisory Group of Forced Evictions of UN-Habitat he has coordinated missions to Rome, Italy and Argentina. At present, he is the world Coordinator of the International Alliance of Inhabitants, a global network of grassroots associations of inhabitants and community social movements, and acting as a member of the International Council of World Social Forum and a member of the Steering Committee of International Tribunal on Evictions.

▌凱撒‧歐特里尼1956年出生於義大利帕多瓦。畢業於帕多瓦大學政治科學系,凱撒曾撰寫過研究論文《公平的地租規範與社會衝突》。他曾擔任義大利全國租屋者聯盟(Unione Inquilini)的主席與總書記。義大利全國租屋者聯盟為義大利境內最具影響力與廣泛捍衛租屋者權益的聯盟。他也曾擔任過國際棲地聯盟(Habitat International Coalition)的全球協調人,積極支持亞洲、非洲、中東、歐洲、拉美與北美各地反迫遷與居住權運動。作為聯合國人居署 (前)強行驅逐問題諮詢小組成員,世界社會論壇國際委員會委員,他目前擔任國際住民聯盟(International Alliance of Inhabitants)的全球協調人與國際迫遷法庭委員會成員。


Elisa Sutanudjaja 艾麗莎‧蘇坦努加佳

▌Elisa is actively contributes as a Program Director at Rujak Center for Urban Studies (RCUS), Indonesia. RCUS was founded to fill the gap in necessary process of transition into the ecological age. The vision of RCUS is working together with communities in generating innovating knowledge and practices to build sustainable cities and regions. She is also a coordinator of Citizen Coalition for Jakarta 2030 since 2009, the coalition that promote better public participation in Jakarta city planning process.




Soha Ben Slama 索哈‧班‧絲拉瑪

▌Her journey starts in the defense of human rights at the international level. In particular, she focuses on the rights of women and in the MENA region and the violence against women which started in 1995. She was the Co-Founder of the Tunisian Women Coalition, the Civil Alliance against Violence and for the Freedom in November 2012, and the Global Platform for the Right to the City in 2014.

In 2013, she coordinated the first Conference on the Right to Housing during the World Zero Eviction Days, and servEd as the local organiser of last two World Assemblies of Inhabitants under the World Social Forum (Tunis, 2013 and 2015). Currently, she is the IAI coordinator for Tunisia. She has carried out the responsibility of media and culture and also engaged to support the African Network of Inhabitants (Africities VII) and other events within IAI. She’s an active member of the Steering Committee of the International Tribunal on Evictions ITE.

▌她的旅程從國際層次的人權倡議展開。特別是,從1995年起,她聚焦於中東與北非地區的婦女權益,以及對抗對婦女的暴力。她曾是突尼斯婦女聯合的共同創辦人,2012年11月起,共同創立了「對抗暴力與爭取自由的市民聯合 (Civil Alliance against Violence and for the Freedom)」,2014年參與創設「城市權利的全球平台(Global Platform for the Right to the City)」。2013年,在世界零迫遷日期間,她統籌了第一次「住宅權利研討會」;並作為過去世界社會論壇架構下,連續兩屆世界住民大會(World Assemblies of Inhabitants)的在地統籌(2013與2015年突尼斯)。目前,她擔任國際住民聯盟於突尼斯的統籌協調人。她同時也負責媒體與文化,並同時投入支持非洲住民網絡(Africities VII)與其他國際住民聯盟的活動。她同時是國際迫遷法庭籌委會裡相當活躍的成員。



Sun, Kiàn-Tì 孫健智

▌Sun Kiàntì, from Tainan, the ancient capital of Taiwan. He studied law, legal philosophy and legal history at Chengchi University. In 2011, he began his career as a judge in Penghu District Court. In 2013, he was prized by Judicial Yuan for his research report: A Research of People’s Participation in Trial (in Chinese), and he had his translation of Ronald Dworkin’s Taking Rights Seriously (from English to traditional Chinese) published. In the same year, he was transferred to Taoyuan district court. He has been a long term supporter and participant of anti-death penalty movement and judicial reform. He is also one among the very first Taiwanese judges who directly resort to CEDAW, ICCPR and ICESCR as a protective measure of private rights in their decisions.

▌孫健智,來自古都臺南,曾在政治大學修習法學、法哲學及法律史。於2011年間,他在澎湖地院開始法官生涯,於2013年間以研究報告《人民參與審判法制之研究》獲得司法院表揚,嗣出版Ronald Dworkin著Taking Rights Seriously繁體中文譯本《認真對待權利》。同年,轉調至桃園地院。他是廢死運動與司法改革的長期支持者兼參與者,並以法學史及國際人權法在國內法院的適用為研究領域。他也是臺灣第一批在判決書裡直接援引《消除對婦女一切形式歧視公約》、《公民與政治權利國際公約》及《經濟社會文化權利國際公約》作為私權保障措施的法官之一。


Tsai, Pei-Huei 蔡培慧

▌Born in a peasant’s family in the Sun-Moon Lake, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. Tsai, Pei-Huei is an associate professor of Graduate Institute for Social Transformation Studies, Shih-Hsin University. Since 2008, together with peasants, rural youth, community organisers, scholars and local bureaucrats, Tsai co-founded Taiwan Rural Front and was in charge of the spokesperson and Secretary General. She expects to prioritising villages, agriculture, peasants and sustainable environments through embarking the practices of peasant farming, grassroots solidarities; youths revitalise the countryside; public propaganda, and legislation. During 2010-2014, she served as the Secretary General of Association of Taiwan Social Studies. In March 2014, she participated in the Occupy Legislative Yuan Movement as one of the members of the 9-people board of decision making. Since 2016, she serves as the 9th Legislator-at-large in Legislative Yuan, Taiwan.




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