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About us 關於我們 – 2016 EAST ASIA TRIBUNAL ON EVICTIONS | 東亞迫遷法庭

About us 關於我們

4 月 26, 2016 - 反迫遷連線

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         東亞迫遷法庭目前是由台灣、香港、韓國的公民團體與運動者組成。作為國際住民聯盟(International Alliance of Inhabitants,IAI)的一員,以跨組織網絡背景的「反迫遷連線(Taiwan Alliance of Anti-Forced Eviction)」與台灣、香港、韓國居住與環境、法律領域運動者與民間團體共同組成「東亞迫遷法庭籌備委員會」。

Currently, the organiser of East Asian International Tribunal on Evictions is composed by civil organisations and activists from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. As a member of International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI), the cross-groups network Taiwan Alliance of Anti-Forced Eviction together with organisations work on rights to adequate housing and habitat, and judicial reforms composed the ‘Steering Committee of East Asian International Tribunal on Evictions’.


國際住民聯盟(International Alliance of Inhabitants,IAI)

國際迫遷法庭(International Tribunal on Evictions,ITE)

The Consultants of Steering Committee of ITE-EA|東亞迫遷法庭顧問群

Taiwan 台灣:施逸翔(台灣人權促進會)Yi-Shiang Shih (Taiwan Association for Human Rights)、林樂昕(自耕農)

Korea 南韓:李元浩(居住權運動網絡)Won-Ho Lee (Korean Network on Rights to Housing Movement)

Hong Kong 香港:陳允中(土地正義聯盟)Chen Yun-Chung (Land Justice League, Hong Kong)



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